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my spots.....

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^^ That 106 looks like a total death-trap. Might be my screen, but is that rear wheel sitting at the right angle? Perhaps the rear beam collapsed last time he did a handbrake turn and took the plastic arch with it :?

It's outside Halfords, which is always a bad sign.

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Haven't been logged on in a while, but that's my Mum's next door neighbour's Maestro. Not been badly parked considering my Mum thinks that she enjoys a fair bit of the ol' "special water" of an evening. Was also almost killed (and I don't feel I'm exaggerating) in this very car when the aforementioned neighbour almost merged into an HGV at M20 J10, and also almost got T-boned at the same junction on another occasion by someone running a red.


Love your spots Stuboy, reminds me of home as I lived in Willesborough from birth until leaving to go to uni.

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