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my spots.....


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popped to eastbourne to see my uncle...







I think the Kevscort cabriolet is normally parked up in Bexhill, it looks surprisingly rust free considering its quite neglected, it has an oxide pink bonnet which is badly dented and is covered in seagull poo.


It looks like it hasn't had a polish or a wax in years, its one of those cars that with a weekends elbow grease and a cheap ebay bonnet could end up being a fantastic car, (plus obviously valve stem oil seals being a CVH).


I walk past it about once a week and if I had money and room on the drive I would put a note under the screen and ask if its for sale.

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That Shitroen is ACE! Who does that!


Actually I know who does that. If he had not got that 18yr old muffin topped Kappa Slappa up the spout with her third kid from 3 different lads, he would own an 04 plate Vectra in black with blacked out windows, a ridiculously large spoiler, 20,000 megawatt headlights and LED strips in stuck in the bumper.  Sadly he has to make do with this on his limited budget as he has 2 families to feed now. At some point soon he will take it off the road to finish the 'street tough look' he is looking for and blether it with wob only to realise he has no idea what he is doing or the money to do it, put it on ebay as an unfinished project for £1,500 with no MOT and then sell it for scrap when not a single person shows any interest in it. 

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