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Sometime ago some of you kind chaps & chapettes gave me a website address for a place to buy exhausts which were cheaper than kwik fit for my Xsara, now I am getting some silly prices for the Evil ones Clio auto 1.4 1996/7. Has failed mot which I knew it would for the blowing but the tester has said that the whole lot needs replacing as its too rusty?????????????????????


It has a special flexi bit in the middle section which is not listed in any national/ats centre so I have been told it will be a special oreder and the middle section is over £100 alone, add to this the rear section and cat it gonna be a dear do, probably more than what the cars worth.


That web site might be worth a look


Thanks in advance.

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Is it this one?






Warranty:12 Months

System Code:REN3018

Fitment:Renault Clio 1.4 Petrol

Year Range:1/1994 to 5/1998

Body Type:Any

Category:Central Silencers



Additional Info:Centre Section With Flex

Additional Info:Mk1 (91-98)

£67.86 ex VAT

(£81.44 inc VAT)


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Tiffx19 You are a star, I think for sure that is the one, All the exhaust centres could not come up with that even after 'many calls to their suppliers'.


You are the winner of an autoshite sticker, when I print some more this week. Thank You. :D

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