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Dream Driveway


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I'd need a drive for a start! But no worry, if we're talking substantial lottery wins, there's plenty of places round here with big yards, for keen prices.

So, I'd start with this...


...it's not particularly a dream, but it's a practical all-rounder. Plated for 6.5t, it's the 150 horse 6-speeder; which means it would tow a big car trailer without trouble. Which is just as well, 'cos we'd be off into Europe looking for...


...an Opel Diplomat B, with the 327 Chevy in it. Mostly for my other half, but I wouldn't say no myself.


The one that's mine all mine, and no-one else is getting anywhere near?


Lotus Carlton. 'Nuff said about this well dressed hooligan.


As for the shopping trolley? Well, I seem to have an unhealthy leaning towards quick Renners. I wouldn't say no to a Clio Williams, or a Megane 225, but for me it would have to be the one that infected me in the first place:


A Raider please, with its' original blue alloys and the couple of sensible mods which don't ruin it.


That makes 4, out of about 40 possible candidates!

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Once I have acquired the 1930s art deco house with substantial off road parking & garages, my main car would likely be a Maserati Gran Turismo. 8)


A post 1967 model Citroen DS is also an absolute must. :D


Would love to have an old Vauxhall Carlton 2200i CD like my parent's old one. They must be as rare as rocking horse shit now so finding one would be a challenge in itself. Must have the 'star' 14 inch alloys!


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Transit SWB 2.5 DI with side loading door.


Lotus Carlton.


Bog standard, ultra low mileage examples of a Nova, Astra Mk3, Cavalier Mk3 and polnety of other Griffin badged old rammel.


Morris 1,000 (sorry).


A40 Farina in light blue with a white roof.


Various Japanese two stroke triples, various Vespas and Lambrettas.


'Fanny Batter' Citroen AX van-though this has surely bitten the dust by now.


Oh and best of all my dad's old Austin 3-litre (EFO 177H). In fact I'd be happy enough with that alone.

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For daily use, parking outside the house and generally annoying the neighbours, a Transit Di with greedy boards and a metric shitload of scrap metal in the back...



For special occasions, in this colour, with a black leather interior and black alloys...



For long weekends away and touring Europe...


JIB 4556 by cms206, on Flickr



... and an manual Omega MV6 estate for track days and taking the dog out - possibly taking the dog to a track day -, a Cavalier V6 CDX for nipping down the beach on a nice day, and an FSO Polonez 1500 for the hell of it. I'd also like to track down my dad's old T-reg Escort 1.6 Finesse as I quite liked it at the time and it's the only one of his cars which is still alive... :shock:

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