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browntastic 604


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What carb is it?


it has two carbs

There is a Solex 34TBIA which is operated by the throttle cable and a Solex 35CEEI which operates by vacuum control.


Only the 34TBIA works at small throttle openings and I think is the only one with a choke mechanism. I suppose that the 35CEEI could be opening when it shouldn't but I doubt it.

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What carb is it?


it has two carbs

There is a Solex 34TBIA which is operated by the throttle cable and a Solex 35CEEI which operates by vacuum control.


Only the 34TBIA works at small throttle openings and I think is the only one with a choke mechanism. I suppose that the 35CEEI could be opening when it shouldn't but I doubt it.


I think my 504 had a similar setup. Replacing it all with a single Weber did wonder for the engine, though it did somewhat poo on the fuel economy.

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Wow! It's amazing the heath-robinson solutions that problems threw up in the days before fuel injection was virtually compulsory. Either that, or this one's a solution looking for a problem... :shock::shock:


Yup! Looks a lot like the "solution" that my 504 came with :D My dads 504 just had a single solex and was MUCH better.

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the point is that the big carb doesn't open unless the pedal is pressed hard, and I don't believe that it has a choke on it either. Therefore the problem is most likely with the smaller carb which is just a standard single choke Solex. I've guessing that something is gummed up in the auto choke but I don't really know how they work.

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I'd be giving the carb body a thorough clean out. There are a lot of bits to get blocked up with gunk in there and you're the first person to drive it in how long? Is there an inline fuel filter plumbed in?


Of course, as eny fule kno the correct answer to PRV V6 Carb issues is this one...



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been doing some fiddling with my car

last week I got to the end of the road and the dash illumination quit

had to go past endless speed cameras n wotnot with my phone screen illuminating the dash

so I pulled out the instruments

on a 604 the illumination bulbs are not in the instruments at all, but in a lighting bar above it



DSC_1176 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


for some slightly mental Gallic reason the 1/4" spade is not the same piece of metal as the bus bar and as the years go by the bits are not pressed together as well as they were



DSC_1178 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


luckily the bus bars just slide out



DSC_1179 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


put a kink in them and slide them back in and it all works lovely



DSC_1181 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr

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whilst I was in there had a fiddle with the speedo cable as well as the needle was shaking


end of cable


IMAG0209 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


pop the clip out


IMAG0204 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


now the inner just pulls out and I greased it up


IMAG0199 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


I'm glad I pulled the instruments because there was a wire floating around that had snapped off a connector and another that snapped as soon as I touched it. These were wires that the Peugeot main dealer added back in 1976 for the extra fog lights

I got the proper fog light symbol to light up when the rear fogs are switched on as well 8)

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  • 3 months later...

This week I went to see a stash of cars containing a 604 to see whether it could be saved or whether it would be a parts donor. I was told that the wheels had been used elsewhere but I have some 604 wheels. Unfortunately I think it's too far gone to be saved :(


The scene as I approached


DSC02483 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


Driving a 70s Peugeot through undergrowth felt just right.


As I got nearer


DSC02485 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


DSC02484 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


First the 504 coupe which is utterly utterly rotten


DSC02491 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


DSC02517 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


DSC02492 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


The 604


DSC02489 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


DSC02488 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


DSC02497 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


DSC02500 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


DSC02499 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


which I decided is too far gone


The crime scene


DSC02490 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


As I started to steal parts from HOD for Pete and myself which will seal its fate :(

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today I spent £100 on this


DSC02535 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


in order to repair this



also I had a look at the sunroof drains because they are an issue on all old Pugs. Until recently the car has always been under a breathable cover but now I stopped the boot leaking I've been a bit braver.


On the back of this


DSC02531 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


there is a rubber/plastic pipe that runs down the A pillar and dumps the water inside the front wing, thus causing the front of the sill to rust out :roll:

When I had a poke inside the headlining I found this


DSC02528 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


yep, that's the other end of the tube rusted totally off.

So the sunroof frame is rusted to heck.


Now I have to remove the headlining to see if the sunroof frame can be dropped, removed and welded up.

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  • 3 weeks later...

This week the sunroof came out and got fixed. I took the car over to Brooklands Welding for the day.


This came out


DSC02539 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


I was told that you have to remove the front or rear glass to remove this; not true. With the passenger seat removed it came out through the front passenger door quite easily.




DSC02538 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


was replaced with this


DSC02543 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


This roof looks like this without the sunroof present


DSC02542r by dieselnutjob, on Flickr



DSC02541 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


and actually hadn't rotted through. So it was cleaned up and repainted before refitting the sunroof


Lastly some rot in the chassis rail was welded up


DSC02544r by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


I'm hoping to get the headlining back in tomorrow.

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  • 3 months later...

this week I finally managed to find an RCK33 manual choke conversion, which is listed as the right one for the 604.


I spent all day fitting it, and then removing and refitting the original automatic choke, and then the car wouldn't start until I chucked petrol down the carb intakes :(


The kit fits on the carb all right, and does what it's supposed to, but the air filter will not fit on top.


Before, and after :roll:


Solex 34 TBIA automatic choke mechanism by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


Filter hits manual choke


RCK33 problem by dieselnutjob, on Flickr


The only upside is that having taken the auto choke to bits and rebuilt I guess I understand how it works a bit better. Maybe I can make it work properly.

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  • 2 months later...

the 604 is being right pain at the moment.


1. The "chassis" rail where the front cross member bolts on has rusted through. No big holes but the metal is getting very thin and has some small holes in. Luckily you can see this only from inside the engine bay and not from below so the MOT man didn't notice it. My welding guy says that the engine will have to come out in order to fix this :( The plan for this is to just cover it with thick paint until I'm ready to get the engine out in a year or two.


2. The starter motor is occasionally unreliable.


3. It is generally running badly. It starts okay but then very quickly runs on half its cylinders and belches out smoke (I think fuel not engine oil) until it's completely warm. Even once warm it idles okay (though hunting between two speeds) but doesn't accelerate cleanly.


So I am considering a slightly radical cure to the running problems. The wierd big carb/small carb appears to be a bit rubbish even when it's working (and they never do) so I think instead of throwing money and effort at the carbs I will go EFI. Apparently a Ford Falcon EA throttle body will bolt onto the inlet manifold in place of the big carb, and the small one can just be blanked off. I'm pretty sure that I can hide under the existing air filter and so look completely standard unless the air filter is removed. The thing can then be controlled with a megasquirt ECU.


I'm not looking for any more power (and probably won't get it) but I would really like to make it reliable, nicer to drive and hopefully use less fuel, and I think that EFI is the way to do this, without changing the character of the car.


If anyone knows any Aussie car nuts who could help me source the parts that I need ?

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  • 9 months later...

The 604 failed its MOT this week but surprisingly lightly.


Exhaust leak where the downpipe joins into the front box.

Steering rack gaiter with no clips on one side

Steering rack gaiter split on the other side.


Luckily the one that is split is the side that is much easier to repair and that gaiter is easily available.  On the other side you have to buy them in France and the power steering ram and the knuckle that it connects to have to be removed.


Yesterday I took the pipes off between the front box and middle box and they came off surprisingly easily, but I could not get the front box off.  Someone has attempted to fix this before by filling the slots of the joint with weld and I fear that they have welded the downpipe to the box.  For now I wrapped in tin and put the clamp over the top and it is 90% better.  Also it started blowing at the back as well.


I don't think that universal U clamps are going to work on this car.  Originally it had something like this




Which cover the slots in the joint, so, I have ordered some of these as well.


Lastly the car drinks transmission oil so whilst underneath I though I would figure out from where.  It's all quite damp under there but the only drip I can see (which is tiny) is from the stud and lock nut that holds in the speedo cable.


I am wondering whether the vacuum capsule has split and the oil is going into the engine and being burnt ?

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  • 2 years later...

The 604 failed its MOT in the Autumn on only one item: sky high CO emissions.


The limit is 4.5.  When I first got the car it was about 2.5 I think, but over the years it ran worse and worse and finally failed, scoring 9.0.


I took the small idle carb off and gave it to a friend to take apart and rebuild.  He found that the base plate was loose, and checked everything and rebuilt it.


After refitting it the car is already running much better.  It now idles properly for example.  However it now has a problem that if you press the accelerator quickly it will backfire.  If you press it slowly the power is there.


I put the carb on and put it on my mates gas analyser, but it still wasn't right.  Initially it seemed okay but as it warmed up the CO seemed to climb and climb again.


Eventually I asked him to clamp off the fuel supply to the big rear carb.  Once it had drained of fuel the CO figure dropped right down to about 1.0.


It looks like the rear carb is going to have to come off for a rebuild as well.

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  • 9 months later...

I just found an online shop in France that appears to have a right rear door and a left rear door skin in stock.  Only 220 Euros delivered.


So now I have (or will have) three door skins, a complete door, a wing and a front valance in stock.


Basically this is all that's needed to start a resto.


I am now just waiting for the email saying "Désolé mais nous n'avons pas ces pièces" or something....

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More good news.


The doors that I have ordered are parts 9007 65 and 9011 20 which according to this are pre 77 parts



It's very odd, because I thought that the rear doors didn't change in the 77 facelift.  The door skins seem to have the same part number before/after but the whole door changes.


I suspect that my frames are going to need repairing but with new skins the job has to be easier.


I am right chuffed with this beacuse I thought that these things were totally unobtainium.

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