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My 1978 Fiat 900T van. And the rest of my fleet...(Fiorino engine in and running - Updated 30/08/20)

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On 11/19/2016 at 12:21 AM, Vin said:

It was a 'dual badged' beast Ian, so I don't know what it's correct identity is...It was great to see though, and I wasn't the only one taking pictures of it...


I thought it might have been one of those that belonged to the Alfa/Fiat hoarder in the North East that Scaryoldcortina had crossed paths with once...


That character had a white one that I saw at an Alfa show in Yorkshire about 10 years ago, although it was rougher than the one at MITCAR...

Brings back memories, I discovered this chap too when I was living in Durham and procured a Y10 anti roll bar from him for Panda purposes. Amazing lockup and loads of these cars were sitting outside slowly dissolving away.

Some great reading here, bit of inspiration I need to get the grinder/welder out.


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