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Some photos. Of some cars. Seen in some places. 24.04.2016

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Great pics Tayne. The Volvo in the Tank / Volvo shot belongs to a banchory chap, I knocked on his door a few weeks ago and mentioned i had a couple of 940's needing a new home, which he bought, in a strange link, the guy who owned his blue Volvo before him worked with the guy who now owns the black esprit, an architect called scott from Aboyne , and the owner before that, and i think from new was Proffessor Hugh pennington, who you often hear on telly speaking about stuff. How i know all that I have no idea.

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I'd like to join in and add a little completeness by saying that this piece of shite



Don't drive too fast though, you might get a tug from the Rozzers!


Scarper! Its the rozzers! by Tayne, on Flickr



Was spotted at kinkersaab's place of work on Saturday. An old man was topping up the coolant. I didn't get to see the POLICE badges or blue light as they were covered up, so thanks for sharing that photo.


Here are 2 other slightly special tanks at kinkersaab's place of work from a few months ago.



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Phone dump this time. unless im mistaken or going senile in my old age thats a Honda cg125 copy, and the cg125 is far far better in all respects


Anyone know what this chinese motorcycle is based on?


Hongdou by Tayne, on Flickr


Hongdou by Tayne, on Flickr


The Cadillac of Minivans


The Cadillac of Minivans. by Tayne, on Flickr


An epic spot


Taxi by Tayne, on Flickr


The black 607 is one of three or four I've seen around Aberdeen.

That's three or four more than the new 5007 thing.


607 by Tayne, on Flickr


Have I already posted this?


Dead by Tayne, on Flickr


Anyway, from the same place;


Wrecks by Tayne, on Flickr


Bambi by Tayne, on Flickr


You have seen these before, but not in summer (when the pictures were taken).


Wreck by Tayne, on Flickr


Ere, you were only supposed to blow the BLOODY DOORS OFF! by Tayne, on Flickr


SpaceVan by Tayne, on Flickr


CA by Tayne, on Flickr


And from the not-shite side of things


AC and E by Tayne, on Flickr

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I am sure I remember seeing a 4 door version of the phase 3 Seat 127 (name escapes me, but it started with an F, Furio?). I guess the closest UK got to a 4/5 door 127 was a Yugo 511/513


edit: Fura. Here's one off the net



Buy one



and confuse Tayne further by selling one and calling it a Fiat





But, stop all confusion now and have a genuine Fiat 127 with 4 doors.



http://annunci.ebay.it/annunci/auto/enn ... 7/19669693


and another


http://annunci.ebay.it/annunci/auto/sal ... e/17398425


This is apparently a Polski Fiat 127p with 4 doors - definitely from the Seat family as it has the mark 1 styling



Let's get confused again:


http://annunci.ebay.it/annunci/auto/cos ... 7/20769632


what is that?

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And indeed Errrr from me. Are you referring me back to my comment about blurring the numbers on a scan of a new tax disc, and relating it to my comment about a car I believe to be long-gone? What bothered me about the tax disc was the possibility of some unscrupulous ne'er-do-well printing off a copy for his own use, and the forces of law and order blaming the original poster when chummy says in his defence "well i got it orf the internet, dinneye guv?" If chummy wants to try and make up a set of plates saying DWM 95C: first, there's nothing to stop him thinking that one up on his own, and secondly, he'll soon get a tug if he puts that on the 325i he's just half-inched.


Anyway, it doesn't matter, it's only the internet. :wink:

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