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Missing 2011 - The Shite Census

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I saw about 5 minutes of a thoroughly depressing programme entitled "Missing 2011" the other day. I turned it off. I don't like police procedural stuff, it's boring. However it did set me thinking about missing cars. Recently, it seems, that many once common cars have all but disappeared. Yet others are holding on bravely. So it's time for a completely un-scientific rundown of newly deceased models of car. Things that were everywhere a few years ago but have since vanished. Anyone else have thoughts?




Renault Laguna Mk1

Ford Mondeo Mk1 and 2

Vauxhall Cavalier, all types

Nissan Primera Mk1 and 2

Early Ford Galaxy, Sharan and especially Alhambra MPV

Chrysler Voyager, original

Renault Espace, older types

Chrysler Neon

Chrysler PT Cruiser

BMW 5 Series E34

Seat Cordoba

Kia Shuma

Kia Mentor

Hyundai Sonata, early models

Ford Fiesta Mk3 and 4

Alfa Romeo, all nineties and early 00 models

Mitsubishi Carisma

Mitshubishi Galant

Toyota Hilux Surf/4 Runner

Range Rover, classic model


And Bravely Holding On


Peugeot 306

Peugeot 406 Mk1

Citroen Saxo

Citroen Xsara

Land Rover Discovery, all models

Fiat Punto, Mk1 and 2

Nissan Micra Mk1

Nissan Almera, early types

Toyota Corolla, all models

Audi 80 and early A4

Volkswagen Golf Mk3

Rover 45

Rover 25

Ford Transit, 2.5 RWD incarnation

Mitsubishi Shogun

Toyota Land Cruiser


Can anyone add to the list? Perhaps it's a regional thing.

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Crumbs, where do you live? The only one at the top I can agree with is the early Espace. Come to Wakefield on holiday, you'll see all of them in about 5 minutes.

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I think it depends almost entirely on where you live. Seems certain areas of the country seemed to be into certain makes and even models so one town would be full of say Renault Clios, but the next town wouldnt. I used to heard people say they hadnt seen a wedge-shaped Rover 200 for years, yet around here in Birmingham there are obviously loads still running about. Telford for example was pretty much into Fords at one time.


Having said that, wedge-shaped 200s are starting to get thin on the ground around here. Wedge 400s have almost completely disappeared.

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Agreed. As I've had to catch the bus occasionally for work recently I've been around the back of a few estates.... one has three Neons in three streets, and two Mk3 Escorts. Another street has a couple of Mk1 Mondeos, a Mk2 Belmont (well a Mk1 Belmont, that looked like that Mk2 Astra - you know what I mean) and a Mk1 Laguna.


Has there been a branch of Yes! Car! Credit! open up near you offering minimum part-ex? :)

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I work with someone who has an early(ish) Chrysler Voyager…! :) I park by it most days.


Mk1 Mondeos are very thin on the ground around here now. Saloons are very hard to find today – low spec ones are pretty much extinct. It’s a similar story with early Mk3 Fiesta's. Most have gone. Later examples still seem to be hanging on in there.


A few late Cavaliers still hang on in the roughest parts of town. Early mk3 Cavaliers have all gone around here to the best of my knowledge. Later mk3 Astras (post 1995 – 'V' grilles and smoked rear lights) are still in plentiful supply around these parts, but earlier models are few and far between, now. There are still Corsas of most ages around here, although early K-platers have disappeared.


Nissan Primera Mk1’s have all pretty much gone around here, certainly the earliest models. One or two of the mid-late nineties revised models are still kicking about but are looking pretty sorry for themselves now. I’ve seen the slow death of a very nice dark grey P-plate car near to where we used to live. Owned by an elderly gent from new and passed it down presumably to a grandchild about 18 months ago. Needless to say, just about every panel had a dent or scratch of some sort on it the last time I saw it, all wheeltrims gone - and BMW M-car door mirrors badly fitted :roll: .


Early Espace? I can’t remember the last time I saw one in the metal – particularly one without badly faded plastic bits.

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Sierras, Cavaliers and Mk1 Mondeos - Gone.


Every Escort I see now looks on its last legs as well - they're still common, but I reckon within 12-18 months they'll have almost completely vanished.


Pre facelift early Vectras have survived a lot longer than I thought they would, given how appalling they are, but are dissappearing at a rate on knots now, and I have to agree on the Primeras - since I got mine I've become more aware of them on the road and have seen only a few recently, none of which looked like they had another MOT in them.


sad face Fiestas also seem to be in sharp decline.


Surviving - Bloody Micras !! I still see loads of K - R reg bubble ones in utterly mint condition running around.

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A lot of once-common stuff round here got scrappaged, so rather a lot disappeared pretty fast. The odd mark 3 Cav can be seen still, and the R8 Rover 200/400 while not common are still around. I haven't seen an Escort of any type in quite a while and the mark 1 Fuckass is lesser-spotted. Needless to say there's a lot of newish small cars around.

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I can't remember when I last saw a Mazda 626 so they must be on the endangered species list. I have also yet to see a current model Laguna, even in a Renault dealers, so I can only think that they became extinct within a fortnight of having been launched :shock:

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Don't see much pre-96ish Jap stuff around here. The odd MX5 and Carina E but that seems to be about it.


Pre-facelift 406s are getting rare as they're too old to be cabs here now, Mondeo Mk2s are getting rarer, and most of the Mk3s seem to be getting shabby, as do the 1st gen C class Mercs.


There was a rash of Hilux Serfs around, they've all disappeared.


Liverpool has never really been an 'old car' place with a car 'scene', which is strange for a big city, although I have started to see more and more old stuff around lately. Lots of 60's and early '70s Beetles about lately but Mk2 Golfs are very rare in non-GTi form. I know where there's loads of weird and wonderful stuff in garages but not much of it seems to come out and play.


Having said that, I saw one of those Mituoka mini-Mk2 Jags, a Beetle, and a Triumph Toledo all parked in Lark Lane earlier.

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Living and working in the sticks it seems slightly older stuff is still reasonably plentiful, in fact the opposite is true and it sometimes takes ages for brand new models to turn up round here. There's still enough mid-90s stuff floating around that I don't bother photographing very much of it. Perhaps I'll regret that in a few years, but cars of that era and owards just don't hold so much interest for me.


I was thinking only last week that '54' reg cars seem to be the ones Joe Public will most often be seen in. I'm struggling to comprehend that '51' platers are celebrating their 10th birthdays this year...

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There's still enough mid-90s stuff floating around that I don't bother photographing very much of it. Perhaps I'll regret that in a few years, but cars of that era and owards just don't hold so much interest for me.


Same applies here, there's a load of 80s/90s kit knocking about; pre-bubble Micras are on every corner, for example. But again, it doesn't mean much to me so I don't bother shooting most of them. Perhaps I should...

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Still pleny of most of the 'missing' in West Wales, although no Chryslers ever as the nearest dealership was probably in Cardiff or something.


I haven't seen a Mk1 Primera for a long time though, and the Mk3 Fiestas have all finally died, although there are Corsas of equivalent age still about. Still get non GTI Pug 205s about, particulary diesels, although non GTI Mk2 Golfs are now rare.


Pikey Pajeros are getting rarer thankfully. Lots of Mk1 Discoverys still about. Previas/Lucidas/Estimas all seen to have blown one head gasket too many now :D .

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Something weird has happened in Basingstoke recently, I barely see anything at all now, up until early this year I could go in any day of the week and spot at least one interesting car in the car parks, but now I see one a week, if I am lucky. As far as I know, they haven't all been scrapped, but it's just unusual. Still see plenty around the Aldershot way, but thats due to the sheer amount of towns and villages crammed within such a small area.

Anyway, the R8 shape Rover is still common, but only the 200, the 400 is getting a bit uncommon now.

Rover 100s, the earlier ones seem to have more luck with surviving now.

800s are doing poorly, but the 600 is hanging on incredibly well, I can't go a day without seeing at least 5 or 6.

Escorts are still easy to come across, but the MKIV appears to be slipping in numbers now, depends where you go though.

Its not all doom and gloom though, I appear to have two Visas local, which must be a record surely?!

And finally, because I literally cba to think of anything else, has anyone else noticed how uncommon the Xsara is?

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Guest Leonard Hatred

I've noticed the scarceness of Xsaras too.

I think most of them, judging by a few I remember from the mid-2000s, ended being 'rented out' by car supermarkets and the likes of Arnold Clark with scary repayments, so essential maintenance was probably scrimped on.

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