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WOT HAVE I BOUGHT? OMactualG- its a WolzCRAB!


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Ok everyone, I've bought a lovely piece of shite off e.bay, unseen and I'm collecting it tomorrow. Can anyone guess what it is? To get you all a clue i'll say its tax exempt and British.


BMCDan is banned from trying to guess what it is, as he already knows.


Anyone wanna have a go at finding out what it is?

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Cheers Dan!


Heres the very detailed description..


Here we av a tax exempt 1885 landcrab, it reqs fixing, u can operate gears when engine off but no joy when running,

In reasonable condition wiv new electronic ignition and battery,

Sorb @ mo


It was listed in classic car parts too! The guy sounds OK on the phone and i've arranged to drop by tomorrow evening to drag it back home. I paid pretty much its scrap value for it so if it turns out to be an irretrievable wreck I hould make my money back plus a drink by breaking it. I'm hoping it will go back on the road though, it was still motoring around until October when the clutch went funny. The guys into his air cooled VWs and lost interest in the crab and never looked into getting it fixed. Its meant to be pretty solid bodywise anyway.

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Yes - it's somewhere in his blog. Engine-out on the B-series cars, but E-series can apparently be done in the car. I suppose it saves trying to find a sturdy enough branch to loop your pulley around (we are talking 1970's stylee here, none of your Machine Mart engine hoists!)


Edit: I wrote O-series but knew what I meant.

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