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Was it not invented by Hungarian eccentric Laszlo Dymo?

Originally envisaged as a method of determining the size of potatoes before being picked from the trees, it turned out to be quite handy at producing long, thin plastic stick-on tags, which never quite stuck like you'd expect. Or stuck like shit to a blanket for ever more.

Eventually, Dymo was shot by his lover, Lucretia Borgia, who'd had enough of his 'crazy fun', and objected to him labelling all the Tupperware tubs appropriately. 'Biscuits', 'Plain Flour', 'Arsenic', 'Cheddar'. BANG! Dead...

Maybe the 'Laszlo...Lucretia' windscreen shadeband made entirely of small strips of Dymo tape, on their MG Allegro was the last straw.

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