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Dacia Logan

Mr H Sceptre

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Funnily enough, the Dacias are growing on me. I quite like the look of the Duster after seeing one in France last year. I actually went into a dealer and got the Brochure....Now if I could only find a Dacia 1300 and put Renault 12 badges on it :shock::)





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Arent they just a cheaply built Clio?


No they're not. They were specifically designed for the more difficult conditions encountered in eastern europe.

They do use quite a lot of existing renault parts (mix'n match - not all clio).

They have more ground clearance, are more sturdily built and have less electronics / gadget to go wrong.


It doesn't make it a 'classic' or a 'high performance' car but it does offer basic sturdy motoring for a low price.


I quite like the plain simplicity of it.

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