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Kit Car Mission


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God's just told me to buy some kit car shite, so I'm on a mission.


Don't fancy pram-spec Spartan/Dutton-type fluff - I'd prefer some wierd 70's wedge-shaped oddness - Nova, Eagle SS, blahblahblah.


Don't mind a bit of a project.


Any other suggestions? Other than "Don't do it, you tw*t!" :lol:

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This looks seriously out of whack however

this is a beautiful 1970 volks wagon frame 1500cc air cooled motor






or how's about this travesty






I can't see the join


builder combined an 88 Fiero GT front and rear suspension to a VW pan





No BS no crazy ?s like "does the girl come with the car".

Who's first to ask?



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That thing looks fantastic! Any more info?


Not much really, I don't know a lot about them. They started off building streamlined GRP front ends for Mustangs and branched out into full body kits later. The Jamaican is the nicest looking as it is designed for proper front engined chassis (the one above is MGA-based) rather than the normal Beetle-based stuff. They also did some of those, and they look nicer than most I must admit. As always with the sort of this the end product comes down to each individual build and I'm sure there are some proper shonky ones out there.

I think the dodgy GT40 thing above is a Fiberfab body, albeit a slightly more modern one. Quick google image search reveals they also did a funny VW based buggy too, which I'd not seen before.


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