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Cockney Rhyming Slang??


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Just received this email, regarding a car I've advertised for free on the RCCC site...

How are you? My name is Cole Danker I found your car here for sale online and I must admit I just sound perfect kind of car I want.
I like the car and want to know if its top distiller for sale and if the car is in good condition.
I am well with the price of the car
I pay the car immediately through the check or bank draft.
I want you to please sending your payment information in this format:
Your full name
Street address .....................
City .....................
State .................
Postcode ..................
Country ................
Your telephone number .....................

I m'attendrai your answer in the near future.
Thank you and have a nice time.
Mr Cole Danker



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Hmmm, could this be the kind of thing the ROC warn of.......? :lol: WARNING! Will all members please note that persons advertising cars with an e-mail address are being targeted by fraudsters. This scam works by offering either to beat the best price so far or by offering to pay an inflated price which will include shipping. The catch is that you are asked to pay the shipping company by bankers draft or some other form of immediate payment, out of the cheque you receive. Of course the money goes out of your account before you discover that their cheque is dishonoured. This scam is not peculiar to Renaults but all makes are targeted, so beware of any enquiry to purchase from overseas and certainly never, ever part with money or a vehicle until you are 100% certain that you have been paid.

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the random bit of French thrown in at the end is a new one on me. Weird.

haha, that's what you get for using freetranslation.com to anglicise your scams. What is worrying is that there are ACTUALLY people out there who routinely fall for this sort of thing :lol:
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