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Orlando Spots


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Can't remember the last time I saw one of these in the USA...








Now I've definitely never seen one of these in the flesh before - an electric Chopper - built by the folks on American Chopper






Probably not really shite though :mrgreen:


Sorry for the crappy quality of photos - taken on my company supplied Nokia 6350...

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I'm posting from there right now,it is quite amazing some of the cars that you see around these parts.If you travel away from the busy places you seem to find stuff on most driveways.As it is the start of bike week(s) there are some pretty incredible 2 wheelers to be seen,yesterdays best spot was an un restored Indian Chief,lets hope we see more in the next few days.

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I've only got a couple of days left in Florida as I'm heading over to Washington state on Sunday for the rest of the year.


Washington and Oregon are great places to see old Japanese shite in particular :mrgreen:

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Plenty shite round these parts for sure I'm certain I'll seen more than one Escort or Tempo :mrgreen:


How about a Fast and Furious Hyundai XG350?




This old Plymouth was almost vibrating it's back end off while idling in Sarasota!




That's the view through the window of the KIA Forte that I had for two weeks - quite an impressive econo-box I have to say, especially coming from such cheap and cheerful roots :D

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