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Is Malta The New Autoshite Heaven?


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I've been away in Malta for a few days, and although my employers certainly had their "pound of flesh" out of me for seven days on the trot, I did manage to get some (auto)site seeing in! An amazing island! British until 1964, with red post and phone boxes, British 3 pin plugs (no need to pack your adaptor!) and they drive on the left, just like we do! What's more, beer is served in pints and very good it is, too!


Eastern European cars abound, with hundreds of Skoda Favorits all over the place! Ladas come in a close second, both the older Rivas and the newer Samaras running around without the usual rust problems we wee over here. Yugos also make an appearance and I DID manage a shot of an FSO. I also saw a few other classic cars,and photographed what I could. I saw a Renault 12 & a Dacia pick up,estate but couldn't photograph them! All in all, an excellent autoshite area! I hope you all enjoy my efforts!


This Yugo was in regular use!



The Escort has NO rust! The country is almost permanently sunny, so I suppose there's no need to salt the roads. That said, the salt air can't help, can it?




The VW Beetle would make a perfect autoshite car, wherever it lived!








Couldn't resist this truly superb example of an FSO, looking particularly shabby!






This accessory shop sold LOADS of bits for really old cars; he ought to do mail order for autoshite in the U.K!




Now for classic stuff: Mini Coppers and Citroen DS21s! Had I stayed there I'd have seen the annual Malta Classic Car Show!






This is the other view of the Escort earlier! The pictures seem to have become muddled in order!


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Malta isn't the 'new' shite haven - it's always been shite Mecca!


I was there in 1996 as a teen and was AMAZED at the number of old motors. It was like being in the UK (RHD) 40 years previous.


Every second car was either an old Ford, an Allegro or a Citroën GS - I would frequently see Anglias and old Morris cars among the fairly care- free driving. The roads were really bad - in towns they were all 'polished' and like an ice rink. I recall an old Datsun making a last minute change of direction at a fork of 2 streets in a town called Buggiba one night and it understeered at nearly full lock for about 7 meters! Think his tyres were as polished as the road..


Saw quite a few CXs too but it was really noteworthy that the pre 80s cars massively outnumbered the 80s and later cars. Newest car I recall was a Mk5 Escort in a Ford dealer.


Was a really nice place and many of the local ladies were HOT!

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I'm thinking of having a little break this year since my work trips abroad are no more having changed jobs, so it's been a while since I've been away. I did think of going back to Rome or maybe Barcelona but recently I have put Malta at the top of my list especially because of the shitefest there. Will have to look into it further...

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Worth going to Malta ASAP as I think they're starting to replace the wonderfully shite old buses. I went in 2003 and found it very hot (July was a mistake - it's actually cheaper than earlier/later!) and very good value. A week is enough. In that time I was also able to check out Gozo, which is a bit nicer and still rammed full of working shite.




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Oooh - Malta, twelve points! Malte, douze points! I thought Tunisia and SW Turkey were excellent for shite spotting, but I really want to go to Malta as I've heard it's epic. Havana also...



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Cars on Malta definalty arnt rust free, most seemed to be full of filler! Most are imported from the UK and Japan, its also in the Middle of the Med so lots of nice salt sea air. Strange thing is cars seem to rot from the top down rather than sills up. Car prices are also very high and the Maltese know how much mk1 2door escorts go for in the UK so don't expect to grab a bargain.


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