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51 minutes ago, dollywobbler said:

Genuinely terrifying isn't it? I'm convinced that something went wrong with a server transfer at some point and this was actually just three years ago. It must be. Surely.

Agreed! I'm pretty sure Dave-not-Dave shifted something in the time continuem just before he handed the keys back.

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Just found this thread and I remember the Avenger being in Martins "yard" the day, as he trailered back an old Merc he just bought and parked it next to it.

I lived in the same village as him,Ā and was fascinated by everyone of theĀ cars he had, and that'sĀ those fit only for parts and scrap, the roadworthy chod he drove around in, and some rare cars too that he was fixing up. Nice bloke too, very friendly and helpful.Ā 


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