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Importing Tat from France

Mr H Sceptre

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Afternoon all



I think there was a thread about this subject already posted on here, but I can't for the life of me find it.


Anyway, it looks like I might be purchasing a rather special car in France & bringing it back to Blighty. So, having never attempted anything like this before, what do I neeed to do (incl paperwork etc etc)? Can I just bring it back & then worry about getting it sorted later? And then what has to be done once its over here.


All help/advice welcome as I don't know what I'm doing!


Thanks folks!

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AS above. CG (Carte Grise is the V5c. If they lose it -they cant get another....

CG Controlle is the old MOT exempt class- so look for plenty of MOT issues. Once 'controlled' its irreversible, but usable in your & adjacent 'County'. They're much cheaper....


C.T (Controle Technique) is the MOT -valid 2 yrs. if it fails -you've 2 months on the road to sort it out- which is a good way of getting a shiter home..However, dont rely on it- its a lot easier than ours to pass.


Vendor will strike through the CG with 'Vendu & the the date'' -no worries. He'll also ask you to sign an official Cessation du vente- kinda legal receipt. No worries. Allows him to disenfranchise the motor.


Add an insurance cert & you're ready to go. Drive it home -no worries. Unless you speed -you're unlikely to be stopped- and if you are -you can baffle most with bureacratic bullshit & a total inability to speak French.

if its REALLY shonky, a set of UK number plates, tax disc -current Daily Mail in the rear window and big GB plates usually scares them off. Dont forget to take them off on the ferry -or just before though!



So -do tell

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Well, I was going to keep it a secret, but what the hell! I've got my eye on a particularly nice Simca 1100 Break (estate). I shall be contacting the seller for the first time later this week, as that is hopefully when I'll have the money to make this dream a reality.


I'll obv ask all the questions re the CG/CT etc, & if the one I'm after is tickety-boo, then it looks like myself & m'colleague Mr Leyland will be having an Autoshite excursion to France........

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Excellent, good luck with it. Look forward to reading all about it.


If anyone is interested in going to France I am taking the 14 for a bit of trip there sometime in the late spring hopefully, maybe Whitsun week. I promised the previous owner I would take it back to show him!!


If anyone wanted to come along, maybe to pick up some French tat for just for the ride let me know, although I know it is some way off yet!!

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Mr Bollox, of this very parish, has kindly spoken to the owner & we have arranged to pick up the car next Thursday!!!



Can't blinking well bloody wait.


Going to spend a day or 2 bimbling round the Loire Valley, then hopefully an overnight stop a mate's in Paris, then home.


Today has made me very happy!!

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