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Froggy Luxo-Barges.....

My Favourite French Hippo is....  

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  1. 1. My Favourite French Hippo is....

    • Citroen CX
    • Citroen XM
    • Peugeot 505
    • Peugeot 604
    • Renault 20/30
    • Renault 25
    • Talbot Tagora
    • Simca 1610/Chrysler 180/2 Litre

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This is horrible, a bit like the film Sophie's Choice. If you lined an example of each in front of me and I could only save one from the bridge it would be the 180/2-litre I'd save,but in this case I justify not voting for it on the grounds it's not really French, the Pugs and Citroens have a big following and the Tagora a bit of a cliche ( this is the only place on the planet you could say that) so La Regie wins ,I have fond memories of the G plate V6 I had as a company car and used to open the door or put the handbrake on to amuse my kids when they were little with the talking dash and the ergo air bag seats with a million switches.

But nothing compares with the mental seat folding in the 20/30 ,so an early manual 30 TS in JRG please.


Now if we updated and a Safranne Biturbo was an option.....

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Haven't driven one but I plomped for R25, if only for its dashboard party.


Of those I've driven; the one XM had a rough 2 litre four to crash the mellow. Inside much more characterful than outside but still no CX.


505 manuals w/ 2.3 turd-blowers were a lovely drive. Comfy too but perhaps a little too generally competent to qualify as luxobarges for me.


Should imagine 604 and Tagora are much the same aren't they? (ducks)

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