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One (shite) picture per post.

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On 10/12/2020 at 12:05 PM, flat4alfa said:


Hey, I know that man! I know that car! THAT'S MY CAR!!! 

Started off looking like this. 


It then acquired SD1 alloys, all my Crabs did. 



Looks pretty good doesn't it. It wasn't as good as it looks (they never are, are they?) Some years earlier Wilf, the man in the photo, had fitted new wings and sills to the car for the previous owner but there were several other bits that never got done. This was still at the point that only the very best ones were worth anything (about 2001 I reckon) so we decided to break it. Wilf obviously wanted his wings back so came round with a big angle grinder and drill. I have pictures of this happening in a council car park somewhere but I've just spent an hour looking and can't find them. But I have found this. 


This is in my parents garden, I was still living at home. 

And Wilf came back with his trailer to pick it up. 


@flat4alfa, where on earth did you find that picture? Just wondering how it got on the Internet and whether there's any of me out there I don't know about. 

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