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One (shite) picture per post.


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I would guess so but not 100% sure, certainly has the look of Scottish west coast / islands and that's location I had in my head. I saved the pic ages ago but don't know where from. Had saved the three below at the same time. The Scottish air near the sea can be rather damaging.


Both the Transit and this blue one are going to need a bit of work to see the road again.



Possibly a Cav CD, nice interior in these, I think they were 1.8 carb engines. (8-valve obv).

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1 hour ago, JeeExEll said:

Another final one which appears to be from the same source. I have no idea what this is. Mitsubishi Colt??


Edit, I now know what last one is / was.  Any guesses?

FAO Caro pick up? 

MK2Cav further up is an early SR/SRi (black lower half, with red inserts in side mouldings, black door frames and 'iron cross' alloy wheel on rear).

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17 hours ago, Strela said:

I know this thread should be light on comments, but Janice Rose Lingerie and an orange Marina coupe? How louche can one photo be?

A professional underwear garment fitter. ?

Looked different a few years back




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3 hours ago, Austat said:

1977 Mazda 1300 4dr and 1978 Datsun 100A FII (F10) c.2002


The Mazda 1000 was last on taxed on 1 June 2001, PRU...R was a Bournemouth issue of 10/1976, though this didn't get registered until February 1977,


The Datsun Cherry was last taxed on 1 June 2000, YPK...T was a Guildford issue of September 1978.


Both would have been rare to see on the roads by the time they were last taxed.

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