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'Sort of' development RS3100s in the summer of 1973 with spoilers, ducktails, and unique-spec 4-spoke RS alloys. One car has the GT-spec fishbowl headlights. The Mk2 was due out in Feb 74.

XWC was actually Roger Clark and Tony Mason's GXL used in early July 73 Avon Tour of Britain.

RS3100 production was Sept to Nov 73, only around 250ish made, amazingly tiny production figure for such a well-known car.

Apparently loads of desirable RS Escort and Capri parts such as ducktails 'went missing' from Ford stores. Must have been a bit awkward with one of those stuffed inside your jacket or down your trousers.



There are a few pics around of white AOO 685L in the first pic above, a factory RS3100GXL with sliding steel sunroof and the GXL side mouldings.



Also, XWC 713L, the GXL on the far right driven by Niki Lauda, seen here with RS3100 flared front arches, is still around   https://www.classicdriver.com/en/car/ford/capri/1973/542584

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I'd be very disappointed if this car didn't have a record player and a bar in the rear stocked with malt whisky.

YPK 250 shows up as a 1959 Armstrong Siddeley 3990cc, tax due Sept 2004.  It may still be around somewhere.

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1 hour ago, JeeExEll said:


Visitors at the local petrol pump for local people.

If the signposts were legible I might be able to pinpoint which Irish village that is....

Can vaguely remember red being used for rear plates, but haven't seen a red plate in decades 

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