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One (shite) picture per post.

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The Allegro I like, but how anyone could think the Sierra is a good idea is baffling, people must laugh out loud when it drives past, you would need thick skin and a good sense of humour to drive it!

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11 hours ago, mitsisigma01 said:

Hopefully this is the after photo😬😬😬


11 hours ago, High Jetter said:

Wow, did you know that had been done to it?

Sadly things didn't go well for the little Aggro after I owned it. My mate bought it and did the small bits of welding (a little bit at the sill ends, under the sill covers and replaced the lower rear corners with NOS panels) it needed, then put it up for sale , just needing paint. Predictably, the massive cuntfunnel that bought it raped it for the engine then resold it as a rolling shell covered in primer and with the mint sorrel brown interior ripped out. Next thing I know, my brother sends me a pic of the V8 Allegro racer, with the message "isnt this near the reg number of the one you had?" Errr...

I've seen pictures of the build, and considering the race car was apparently built on a red shell, I'm not sure how much of my old one is in there. But in the corner of the workshop, another 2 door shell in gold and primer can just be seen. I'm just glad it lives on in some form as its future post engine-rapeage didn't look good.

(Apologies for the words on a pic only thread...)

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