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One (shite) picture per post.

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1975 pic. Very basic spec pre facelift 3000GT on hubcap steelies, not even the fake side vents.


going horribly off topic but check out those Thorn Alpha 6 Street lights!


stupidly rare these days as they where all replaced in the early 1990s when the lamps for them ended production in the late 1980s, they used SLI/H lamps a double ended form of Low pressure sodium lamp that reigned supreme for a while before conventional Low pressure sodium lamp formats caught up http://www.lamptech.co.uk/SLI.htm






also fucking massive I bet they where fun when it got windy....

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What's the car on the right?




My guess is that it's an Austin 10 Sherbourne or Lichfield from 1935ish. The photo does not give away much except for the depth from the roofline to the rear window, the proportions of the rear window itself and the rear wings partially enveloped by the bodywork.  It may have a luggage trunk covering the spare wheel flap.  I looked at Singers, Morrises, Hillmans, Lanchesters and Wolseleys but all seemed to differ significantly from the vehicle in question.  

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BDA 16v.



"Give you hundred quid for the old Escort m8, can take it away today".


"it was a great car in superb condition ..until some arse with a bloody-great flashgun on his camera stepped out and took a photo !"

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