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'Right kids, everyone buckle-up before we move. Oh, wait a minute . . . . '.

I used to get picked up for primary school in a Mk2 Transit like this around 1980. A brand new yellow one on a V-plate. Lwb, twin-rear wheels with the bubble rear arches. And a 2.0 Pinto.

My younger brother was sick in it by the side-sliding door on the ribbed vinyl flooring, then generally around the sliding door mechanism. Top effort.

Had seat belts in the front tho. Wearing them was optional pre-1983. Bus-driver smoked like a chimney, fag-packet on the dash, driver's window always down to ping tabbys out of. Obviously.

Before the Transit we were taken to school in a white 1975 Commer minibus which was the first vehicle I saw going from 99999 miles back to zero. This experienced whilst sitting above a 1725 Rootes engine.

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Transit by numbers. Can you name the bits? I think number 5 is the 'go' gears-handler thing but it could be the rear-doors release lever. Fuck knows.



1.  Temporary storage for half-full Corona bottle.  Will smash onto kerb once door activated. 


2.  High Speed High Street Width Gauge.  Can also be used to see behind if interested. 


3.  Secondary Width Gauge.  Will cushion you against kerb impact. 


4.  Look-out post for Bird-With-Nice-Arse observer. 


5.  Rev-limit warning wand.   Will shake uncontrollably as peak revs reached in each gear. 


6.  Quick-access arm outlet.   For flicking the V's. 


7.  Specially strengthened area to indicate proximity of load bay.    


8.  Approximate position of Vespa rider not noticed in "2" 


9.  Specially strengthened area to sustain impact of "8" during right-hand manoeuvres. 


10.  Location of "Custom" badge if your boss wasn't such a skin-flint.

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