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The mk3 cortina GXL had gen rostyle wheels (optional on GTs) or very early GTs ones rostyle style hubcaps.

Then sports rims from early 72


Lemans green was the pale green colour, the silver fox 3000gt has north american spec grille & side marker lights ( lhd wipers ) so is probably a 2300 gt possibly 2600gt (not sure when the later was introduced ) the Essex V6 was never avl in the mk1 in that market only the 1600 xflow & cologne V6.

The blue/white one with stretched front end looks like the drag car that shares its fibreglass bodyshell with the yellow V8 road going one that's been around since the late 70s/80s ( name escapes me far the moment ).

There used to be a modded mk1 Capri in Sheffield in the mid 80s dark blue with murals on bonnet was called neon knight.

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