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What's the deal with licenses? Would I need anything special?


Y'know, hypothetically.


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Depends when you passed your test. I have grandad rights, C1E and D1E so no Problem. Took all the seats out and changed it with DVLA to a panel van with windows. Then kitted it out. Jobbed.

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Albert Ross posted this on page 8.


True story... two years ago I was at a classic show at Ripon racecourse in my yellow Reliant Regal saloon and a chap I got talking to said he knew of an abandoned Regal saloon near an old shack in Derbyshire. This is it. I needed a quarter light glass as mine had one missing and he gave me directions of how to find it.


It was really well hidden, and when we found it there was nothing left save for a few bits and pieces scattered around the floor. Totally smashed and wrecked to smithereens. Certainly nothing of the body left like in that pic. But among the debris I found just one thing salvageable.... a quarterlight glass! 

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