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29 minutes ago, D.E said:

Yes, Vicar Lane in 1982.

Back in the 70s, my dad and his colleagues grew tomatoes in the loft of that large red brick building, in that centre section with the ornamental windows.

At least, they did until the company they worked for got the electricity bill as they had all the spare fan heaters on 24/7 during the winter months.

It was later estimated that those tomatoes worked out at somewhere in the region of £15/lb once the costs were factored in, a not insignificant sum at the time…

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It was also the sight of all those black and white princesses imprinted on my childhood mind that led me to get my first Hackney licence in Leeds back in the late 80’s, though by the time I got my badge, we had a mixture of Bluebirds, Sierras and Cavaliers. I was always fascinated by the fact the Princesses generally had the boot key left in the lock and attached to a bit of string tied to the rear bumper so passengers could load their own luggage on the station rank.

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11 minutes ago, High Jetter said:

Another ex cabbie! I remember keys in bootlocks too

You’ve got me looking out for a white Princess now that I can paint the bonnet and boot on. I’ve still got a full width taxi roof sign somewhere, I believe.

Better stay out of Leeds if I find one though…had enough run ins with Torre rd over the years… 😉😂

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