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Tennessee Shite: 14 May 2016 Update!

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Thanks for the rundown on the US Alfa 164's; I suppose I should've reckoned on them not shipping the 2L over there, which would simplify the model range a bit.

I like the Falcon Ranchero, but as wrong as it is, I like the Seville more 8) . That would be getting parked at 45 degrees, across 3 spaces down at Asda, just to see who would object. It's that kind of car.

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I'm currently sat in Tennessee as I type this... There's lots of old chod running around here in Memphis, but I don't fancy getting my nice DSLR out to take pictures, as I fear someone might relieve me of it... (T'is a tad ruff anywhere away from Beale Street!)

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I'm currently sat in Tennessee as I type this... There's lots of old chod running around here in Memphis, but I don't fancy getting my nice DSLR out to take pictures, as I fear someone might relieve me of it... (T'is a tad ruff anywhere away from Beale Street!)


Welcome to the South!, hope you enjoy the warmer weather and Southern hospitality ... I've been here nearly 2 years and have avoided getting mugged/shot.

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I'm currently sat in Tennessee as I type this... There's lots of old chod running around here in Memphis, but I don't fancy getting my nice DSLR out to take pictures, as I fear someone might relieve me of it... (T'is a tad ruff anywhere away from Beale Street!)




Rough is an understatement! Unfortunately, thanks to my job, I had to spend some time in Memphis back in the late '90s. I hated every minute I had to spend in that shitehole! Makes me glad I live 200 miles away from that awful place! No wonder Elvis had giant walls separating his house from the thieving scum who live there!

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I think I need to move down your way Phil, there has been more shootings in the apartment block across the way from ours, I came out to give my daughters friend a lift home on Saturday evening got to the Jeep and heard shots - I ducked down by the wing and saw that 2 guys where chasing 1 guy round the apartment block while exchanging fire with 9mm semi auto pistols (probably Hi Points) it was probably a "difference of opinion" but doesn't make for a safe environment.

I'm also trying to go back to my old employer in LA, its much nicer in Redondo Beach, there is sod all work locally.


Probably best to avoid renting here unless you require token wild west action :- http://www.mississippiapartmentguide.com/Mississippi/Jackson/Apartment/91118.html

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It's been a while, so let's take a look at some shite from the land rust forgot!



This Nissan 300Z is as '80s as hair gel and techno-pop.








This 1979 Corvette was for sale. Looks much worse up close than it does in pics.












I've been seeing a few of these weird looking "Hybrid" bendy-buses around town. I wonder how big the battery pack in this thing is?






Rat-look Chevy pickup.






From the "Somebody actually bought one?" files, the ultra-rare Suzuki Equator pickup, a rebadged Nissan Frontier (AKA, Navara).






Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme still doing duty as a daily driver.








BMC Mini Cooper! Ultra-rare sight over here. Appears to be a grey-market import.














Merc W123 300D.










The first 2013 Focus ST I've seen in the wild. Nice!






Old School Cool: Buick LeSabre.











The Dodge Challenger Mopar fans would rather forget. The late '70s-early '80s Mitsubishi Sapporo-based Challenger.






Crap picture of an ancient Oldsmobile.






Off road rat look Mazda?





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Photodump time! It's been a while since I last updated this thread. There seems to be a lot less shite about during the winter, but here are some pics I took a couple of months ago.



Here's something I didn't expect to see. A new VW Passat police car. Most coppers 'round these parts use Chevy Impalas or the occasional Dodge Charger, so this German-American barge all stickered-up in plod livery is a most unusual sight. This is the new US-spec Passat, built in Chatanooga and totally unrelated to your B7 Passat. It so generic looking you could easily mistake it for an Impala like the one parked next to it.






Futureshite. I'm really digging this Fiat 500 with a roof rack. Hopefully, in another few years, these will be going for shed money. Over here, Mini Coopers NEVER depreciate so I'll have to wait for the Fiat 500s to become dirt cheap before I can ditch the family bus.






Ultra rare Jeep Liberty CRD. The diesels were only available over here for a nanosecond and command insane prices whenever one pops up for sale.






'57 Chevy.






Bond. James Bond. I assume that's some sort of super-secret spy equipment on the roof? No, turns out it's just a GoPro camera.






Classic Merc.






Disco-era Datsun 280Z.






Porsche 911 Carrera. Love the plate!






Bentley. Yeah, I know it's too good to be Shite but I still like it anyway.






Another Fiat 500 driver speeding away to try that new cheddar bacon onion sandwich!






Classic Mercedes Benz 240D.





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No, that's just me holding the camera.


Looks like both my "EDIT" and "QUOTE" buttons have vanished, so I couldn't even quote your last post. What the hell is going on here?!?!?


Taking a page from the I.T. Crowd's handbook (have you tried turning it off then turning it back on again?), I logged out then logged back in again to see if the quote and edit buttons would come back, but they haven't. I even tried switching from Chrome to Firefox just to see if it would make a difference. Nope, still no edit or quote buttons.


Anyone else here experience this? If so, how did you fix it? Not being able to quote or edit is VERY annoying!

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If by a "traditional" American car you mean body-on-frame construction, V8 engine and real-wheel-drive then the answer is no. The last of the breed was Ford's Panther platform, which formed the basis of the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and the Lincoln Town Car. All of these ended production in 2011.

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Most of these were actually taken a couple of months ago but I've been too lazy to upload them off the camera and into the computer until now.


Anyway, enjoy.......



A local bail bond company has this "Party Bus". I don't know what happens inside this bus but, if the party gets too wild, these guys can spring you from jail!







This Chevy Blazer seems to be listing to the starboard side! Quick, somebody get the lifeboats!






Triumph Spitfire in action!






Classic Mopar.






Chrysler PT Cruiser WTF? Edition.








Mercury Grand Marquis "Grand Floridian" Edition. Comes with bifocal windshield, in-dash Geritol dispenser and wipe-down seats for when your Depends start to leak!










Futureshite alert! The first 2013 Ford Fusion (AKA new Mondeo) I've seen in the wild. Nice!






'80s vintage Ford ThunderTurd in rarely seen Ultra-Dullâ„¢ paint finish. Quite collectible, or so I'm told!








Early VW Beetle with scabby paintwork by the side of the road.






Last but not least, a rat-look Chevy pickup.






BTW, I still can't quote or edit. This is REALLY boiling my piss!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Love that Falcon! That could easily be a period brochure shot (apart from the wheelie bins, of course).


I once got to sit in and rev the engine of one of those Maserati GranTurismos in a pub car park whilst mildly pissed! The owner was stood outside with his mates and, after about a five minute conversation, willingly gave me the keys and told me not to drive off. Still baffles me to this day, but it was quite an experience!

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