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Show us your shite - in the snow!

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It's the end of the world.

Just back from walking the dogs.  Four stuck cars within a mile of the house.  Well...no.  Not one of them was stuck.  They'd all have been absolutely fine if the drivers lifted their foot off the floor for two seconds rather than just sitting there bouncing off the rev limiter while twirling the steering wheel around.

Well, except for the BMW M3.  Though if you're going out driving in the snow in a BMW, with tyres worn down to the cords, you deserve everything you get.  Dangerous vehicle, reported to the police.


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2 hours ago, Six-cylinder said:

I know I am pathetic compared to some of you, but a sprinkle of snow is better than none here in North Bucks. 

Forecast says it will snow until 1pm but the temp is +1 C so it may melt faster than it falls.

IMG_20210124_102419 expand broard.jpg

We had that this morning, by the time we went out and played in it it had started to melt, it's all gone here and raining now. 

My car is snow free too as we had a snowball fight with evas friend across the street (I got a perfect head shot) 

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Not much snow here but enough to stop me going outside - walking sticks on snow do not feel secure.  Nevertheless, a '94 Tipo through dirty windows, also starring a Wilesco steamroller (1966), a birthday card still standing from Oct 2020 and a self-build wooden cargo plane from 1979. I couldn't quite get a pork pie in view. I'm full and can't squeeze it in.  Trouble is, I did not realise all 8 of them go out of date today - I only bought them on Friday. 


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Quite deep drifts up the hill from Rynie, Aberdeenshire. Photographed by the world's tallest man.

Passat on winters had no problems but saw an isuzu pick up having a couple of issues, although I think it was in 4H not 4L, and an Insignis SRI that looked hopeless on massive alloys.


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1 hour ago, gadgetgricey said:

The old Citroen car site, you have trained him well :)


Dealer or Factory ? It's a petrol station and co-op now.  The middle picture shows his "Snow Angels" - He actually went down 3 flights of stairs to lie in the snow.  He's 27. 

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3 hours ago, New POD said:

Young Pod, sent me this today of his view from his Flat in Harbourne




I know EXACTLY where this is. (Harborne, not Harbourne 😂) 5 minutes away from Ma_Sterling's house which is by the golf club further on down.

1 hour ago, gadgetgricey said:

Not the Co-op , the actual flats themselves are built on the old Citroen dealer site as I knew it, but believe was originally all electric cars. (Due to the all electric fuel pumps)


You probably know better than me but I knew it as All Electric Rover (I wish it still was 🙁)

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