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Nitrogen filled tyres.

warren t claim

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Whilst browsing in my local Costco I noticed that they are offering to fill any new tyre they sell with nitrogen.


Are there any advantages to having your tyres filled with pure nitrogen? I thought that air was about 80% nitrogen anyway?


Is this just a big con?

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Rover used to fill the tyres on the 800 with Nitrogen as it quietened down certain resonances.


Of course, as soon as the car had new tyres or a puncture repaired it would be back to the Rover dealer to find out what the weird noise / vibration was. So it must be noticeable.


I put it in the tyres on my stuff, but only because it'd be rude not to.

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I've recently replaced all my tyres and Tyrespot* filled them with Nitrogen without asking. It was only coppers so I don't much care one way or the other but I'm of the persuasion that it is a con for average motoring.

I certainly haven't noticed much difference other than the car seems less inclined to swing out at the rear and the road noise has increased slightly.

Clearly tyre characteristics rather than anything to do with the Nitrogen.


*One of only two places round here that can balance Citroen wheels and the other didn't have the tyres I wanted. The price was OK, as was the service.

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Guest Leonard Hatred

How about filling your wheels with Stomil retreads, then you'd appreciate life when they inevitably burst, peel their tread, etc.

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