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Rover 820 for sale on Ovalchat


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For Sale Item(s): Rover 820 2litre big old beast,


Location: three legged cross, near ringwood matchams and ringwood cheetahs


Contact Information (pm/email/tel): 07988535045


Asking price/Guideline: bid me offers ?


Delivery (how far), if so at what cost:


General information about car/item(s): its a rover 820 what more can i say


Extra information (more important, ie running or not, any damage): some small dents, bit of tax and a load of mot left, but tyres are pretty much bald, but some beautiful alloys with it


Pictures: by email



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Guest Tony Hayers

And people ask why I would never buy a car off a banger driver



Advert states "Its a Rover 820 for sale what more can I say?" Fucking lots more if you want me to buy it you thick cunt. I think he's had one to many knocks to the head. Not in accidents driving Mk4 Cortinas/Mk2 Orions, but by getting hit in his head one too many times from gobbling the cock to enthusiastically.



I'll bosh in a bid £121.36 (plus a few old Mcdonalds fries I found down the arm of the sofa). If its not to his liking then piss off and send it round the track and stop wasting peoples time with a wank advert with no details. SIMPLES!

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He's a banger racer , all they care about is whether it can more forward and backward under its own power, and will it fit on the back of a Hiab equipped lorry. If its a 1992 its a facelift one anyway.


Also how did banger racers talk to each other before the advent of texting? Grunts or sign language?


P.S he's now said he wants £160 for it. Its probably worth close to that scrap.

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Hang on, hes a banger driver selling to to other banger drivers. They dont usually give a shit what colour a car is, or what trim it has. In this case just saying "Its a Rover 820" is probably more than enough information- Its not autotrader.


If I were him i'f just frag it to save any further slagging on internet forums :roll: .

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