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I have a lot of time for the Mk2 Cav. The long-winded story of how I bagged my last one for £35 is elsewhere - but I'll say this: it was a cantankerous old beast, which would cut out if I turned left too sharply, and used to zap everyone (except my girlfriend, and the lass along the road) with a big fat spark.

It cost me £2.99 for a new engine earth strap, and a fiver for 'StopzLeakz' stuff. And that was it, for a whole year. Just petrol, insurance and tax.

I got my love of them from my dad, who had a few as company cars. The first one was indeed khaki green with the matching interior. The second one (IIRC) was red, grey interior; the third was the best. Metallic blue, blue velour interior, and blue tinted glass. It was like driving a bad trip. But it had the obligatory 'Fischer C-Box' for the tapes, and like the others, was an estate.

The estates were 'converted' by Holden. Very cleverly, they forgot to 'convert' the exhaust pipe - with the result that the early ones leaked fumes in under the tailgate. In fact, you could make out where the extension plate had been welded to the original saloon floorpan. I lost count of the number of estates that failed MOT's on the rusty boot floor...

My dad worked for Minolta, at the time. All his Cav's got hammered (pre-GATSO, he considered a ton 'cruising') down to MK from Glasgow regularly. Mostly with a couple of photocopiers, or a ton of spares and paperwork in the back. They never let him down, except when they'd been serviced by Lex Vauxhall at Finnieston St. And the time all 5 Pirelli's blew out inside a week. There was a recall for those, funnily enough... :shock:


EDIT: From memory, some of the 2-dr's were Motability cars. Why I know not, but the one I worked on was Motability, and predictably reeked of wee and lavender.

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