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The Great Depreciation Challenge! Beat this.

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2 hours ago, TrabbieRonnie said:

Missed the crucial piece of information there, didn't I?!!! ? 

Here’s the converted version:

Purchased by me for $3,500 (£1,925)

Sold new for $80,000 (£44,000)

Adjusted for inflation to $234,800 (£129,180)

That’s a depreciation figure of 98.5%

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8 hours ago, hairnet said:

trying to find out how much a 80 1.3 fiesta ghia was i could only find out a base 76 model was 1716 quid

i rescued the ghia from under a tree for 40 quid in 1996 ish

if the brochure lickers here could help id like to know for curiosity


Just had a lick of my brochures and in January 1980 a 1.3Ghia with no extras was £4,166.47


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1 hour ago, Eddie Honda said:


June 1998 - £20,470

March 2017 - £100

Depreciation - 99.5%

We were on about that car yesterday when we were out in the mx-5. My partner had a 306 new years ago and she was looking forward to getting this. She was very dissapointed and said it drove nothing like her old one.

I thought it was okay. Nothing to write home about, but okay.

Trying to relive her youth I suspect. A bit like playing C64 games now. Amazing at the time but now completely shit.

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