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I'm proud to say I pissed a few beige people off on the PC forum (there's a surprise). One of them was a SuperModerator on another forum (Popular Classics) and I joined just to see if they'd ban me straight away.



And they did. :D


Sorry you are wrong. There are no Moderators who are also a Moderator on Popular Classics. The only Mods there (that aren't staff members) are Luxobarge (who is a "normal" member of Popular Classics) and Seth who I believe is also here and Retrorides).


As far as I'm aware Popular Classics now has a new Admin team, if you wish to rejoin I amd sure there will be no problem.

You misunderstand me. The individual I pissed off wasn't a Practically Classic mod, just a forum member who was a mod on Poplier Crassics. I've no wish to join! :D

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Oooooh! Is this the place to confess to once having robbed a scrapped 17 Gordini of its engine to go in my 12 Estate? :shock: ....and a Trafic van of its 5-speed 'box to suit, and a Fuégo of its struts to convert the 12 to strut suspension, and a Dacia Denem of its sumpguard, 'cos those Fuego struts weren't as firm as I was aiming for, and...


OK, stopping now, methinks it's this site that I need. :D



...tombstone seats from a 12TS, centre console from the same TS, alloys from the Denem, etc... :oops:

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i dont use the PC forum - i joined to try and flog a bit of scimitar tat


i found the forum dull, staid and very beige


however, i dont like it - so i dont use it


on the subject of renault 12 - i think scaryoldcortina might have a NOS petrol tank for one

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Wow, thats quite some 12 you've made there!



'twas long, long ago, I was pulled speeding in the car on the A58 Leeds ring road around by Pudsey and the officer who stopped me was sure that his equipment was broken as R12 Estates shouldn't be able to reach, much less accelerate from 112mph..... :oops:


Here's one of the few piccies I have of the old girl, taken in 1985:


Posted Image


RIP, VBW, born June '79, died when whacked on the rear end, ironically by a runaway R18 Turbo, in September, 1987.

Give me a moment please, I'll be fine soon. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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RIP Auld Yin *sounds Last Post* - sounds like just my kind of car.


Anyway...I've not been here long, or owned nearly as much shite/had as many adventures as some here; but I'll say this - it's a bloody brilliant forum. There's just enough knockabout to be interesting, but not so much attitude as to ruin it. It's a broad church, is autoshite, and so are the enthusiasts who populate the forum. Long live Autoshite.

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