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Golfing with Ghosty: a pineapple persuasion


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14 hours ago, yes oui si said:

New tattoo pics? 

lol, I'll try and find one from the day, it's started to get to that weird bit of the healing process.

No pics today as nothing much to show, but the Civic runs. It's nowhere near finalised, but it runs.

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Been a bit quiet, had a bit of a mental health blip and a bout of cluster headaches. Progress has been slow and not really anything I can illustrate in photos.

15/16" master cylinder on the Civic is taking ages to bleed. Upgraded brakes are inbound. Been fighting with the fuel pump and timing. Almost there, just need to relocate a temp sender.

Golf - 421 header was a poorly fitting POS, needed a load of grinding to fit under the inlet, and still doesn't sit properly.


Trying again with an 8v GTI header, and a Jetex exhaust is on the way to add some much needed silencers.

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Exhaust fitted, Golf is alive and running as well as it ever did (lol). It sounds pretty good, very chattery and rorty, but not obnoxious.

Still no heater, going to remove the recall spec bypass valves from it and see what happens. You supposedly don't need them with the revised matrix.

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Civic now has Integra Type R calipers up front - with 262mm discs from an EK Civic and a larger bore master cylinder to match (13/16" > 15/16") it's a bolt on upgrade. Just need some spacers for the discs to centre them, which are on order.

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Took the Golf out, it's had new brake caliper sliders now too.

Also, there's an Alpine head unit in there now - and it turns on and off with the key :grin:

Golf has a slightly dragging brake, a couple of random clunks under braking, and a blow on the exhaust manifold.

Not bad, all told.

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