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Where did all the 205s go ?


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Great pictures!

I saw one parked up behind a stealth-vanlife type van in a layby the other day, it seemed to be being used as a tough little workhorse as Peugeot intended. One I see regularly (a diesel) has over 300,000 miles on it with its long-term owner who will not sell it. 

They're often to be found round the back of farms, usually with a handful of 306s and maybe a 405/6 estate, in  various stages of workhorse or club rally-style dilapidation.

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Nothing really to knacker them out, no rust and the mechanics are easy to overhaul. Plus in Spain/France there’s not really ‘cheap cars’ so even an old nail gets kept running. Also nobody gives a fuck about cars, it’s not like in the U.K. where driving an old car is like taking a huge shit on one’s social position. 

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I still see plenty of them come up for sale on eBay, FM and auto trader. I do think 205’s survived in greater numbers than other compact’s of its generation and especially more than its sister car the AX. I know of at least 6 or 7 around the area I live. 


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