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Some Photos. Of some Cars. Seen in some Places.


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10 minutes ago, Tayne said:

Suppose I should start this again.

These were at the filming location for the Tetris movie 



I installed a wifi access point on the roof of that building in a previous job.

Good view from up there.

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1 hour ago, Tayne said:

Need to tow a car trailer but don’t have a pickup or SUV?

Don’t worry, a 50 year old bmw is all you need 


That overhang 


my mistake the ramps down 

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Manual 230sl


I want to like these but the one I had ruined them for me.



Opel Ampera, better know as the Chevy Bolt, a full EV that never made it to the UK.



This was a street parked Porsche 991.2 GT3 Touring. With a disclock.

I know these are desirable but I didn’t think they were as easy to steal as a modern Land Rover 




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