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Shite petrol stations

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On 03/04/2024 at 09:58, sierraman said:

If I’m out that way I usually diesel up at the Texaco out Minehead way, I nip in there usually for a can of pop for the next leg. What’s the story with the scrap cars in the field behind? 

Been there as long as I can remember, no idea why..

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3 hours ago, Asimo said:

If you just buy £30 worth, it will cost the same as everywhere else.

They're usually about 4p more than supermarket but far less than motorway services  . I try to stop in when I can and get a few gallons and a sarnie 

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I used to work in a shite petrol station many years ago. We had three pumps which weren't computer controlled, you had to look out of the window to see how much fuel someone had put in! If three people turned up at once it was chaos.

The till didn't work either and wasn't plugged in. It had a cable to pull to open the tray. I once started a shift at 8am and the first customer came in at 10:45. 

DIfferent times!

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1 hour ago, worldofceri said:


Lumbards of Ashbourne still provide an attended service as standard.

And if you ask them to ‘fill it up’ they don’t fill to the first click or even the second… They will make sure it is absolutely brimmed!! 

That's a really bad idea.


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Exbourne Cross Garage (en route N.Tawton > Bude) . Attended service but I always pass after closing time. Cheapest petrol for miles too. Nicked this photo off Google StreetSpy (dated 2023). Due to be passing in June 2024 maybe I'll get there early enough this time.
The garage does has never come up on Google as selling petrol (?) but it is on petrolprices.com



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