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Mrs twosmoke300 new steed


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9 hours ago, timolloyd said:

Looks lovely! Was it £250? What happened to the Mini? ;)

Bit more than £250 sadly . But pretty cheap for one of these these days .

Missis wanted either a panda or some kind of hotish hatch so why not combine the two . Can’t see any rust on it anywhere and mot history is rust free I think so fingers crossed. Usual panda suspension clunks etc . Needs two tyres and timing belt . Luckily I know a guy .


She got bored of the mini sadly . So I put a clutch and gear linkage repair on it and sold it to a customer of mine . Think she’s moved away now tho . 

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Cheap chance to try one really . It’s not perfect but nor will the ones at twice the price be either . 
Any of you previous 100hp sufferers recommend tyres ? It’s got 195/50/15 on now which is meant to help the ride over the std 45 profiles . Demon tweaks have toyo tr1 on offer for 40 odd quid at the mo . 

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2 minutes ago, cort16 said:

Mine was such a fine example it had Fiat 500 steel wheels and £35 chinese happy joy road tyres so I can't really comment. 

Mrs Twosmoke is an awful erratic driver so I’d prefer better tyres on it for the inevitable lock ups 😂

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53 minutes ago, hairnet said:

pandas - ace - our eco was great

100hp - theyre a piece of shit - sorry

hopefully yours doesnt kill your wallet

(ormight that be a scottish thing ) (JOKE HONEST SCTSCH)

I don’t let cars hurt my wallet too much 😂

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