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Shitefest Shropshire 12-14th July

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13 hours ago, brownnova said:

Ahhh my work end of year party is on the Friday… 


Thank you Shitefest… gives me a genuinely good reason to swerve the party! 

"I'm so sorry, I know this is my first end of year party here but I have a prior engagement under a gazebo in a field in Shropshire during a monsoon that day."

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I'll be attending...... I'll try and drag along master B - not sure if he's over here from Belgium yet though. 

If so - 13yo - can already drive and is into driving sims etc.... A lot of online sh*t but also loves camping and general messing around like make your own bow courses etc.... 

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1 hour ago, Supernaut said:

456 miles each way, from here.


Hmmmmm... Maybe.

Remember Shitefest 2018 Aberdeenshire... Me and @cms206 genuinely had a plan in place to go from Glasgow to Aberdeenshire via Tebay Services for breakfast had we not got the bus going in time, just to increase the mileage to Shitefest.

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