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SAFRANE Kolectshun (was) LIVE. Now owners thread.


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7 minutes ago, SiC said:

Where was that?

I passed by Atwell Wilson and found out that it was a drive-it day. Pretty busy (maybe everyone went there instead?)

It was at Farrington Gurney farm shop, just down from Midsomer Norton. There were a few drive it day landys there.

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The Safrane is glorious, a rare sight these days as well. I know what you mean about attendance at these events by the pillocks in the recent Audis, unfortunately that’s what people think you are into when they get you are ‘into cars’. Then it confuses them when you explain you’d rather be publicly flogged or have a rumour you have a micro cock spread around than drive a 2016 Audi A3.

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Thanks to @Datsuncog for the mini Safrane. Here is mini me with a grown up Safrane. 

The grown up car is still providing superb comfort, even more so now I get to drive a large variety of brand new cars now from a Dacia to E class Mercedes. The Safrane is still the comfiest car to sit in and waft along in an unhurried manner. 


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Sad, some may say, but I have managed to get an original sales brochure for the Safrane. In a time before everything got arty and loud! Just look at the standard equipment list, ah proper times....

On another note. I haven't driven her for over a week, been using my son's brilliant 106 as it's much better on fuel. She seems a bit sluggish? Maybe I'm used to driving modern cars everyday which are very responsive and (mostly) seems to have a bit of get up and go, but the Safrane doesn't appear to have any urgency about her? I'm not complaining really, she's from a different time and I love the fact she's a bit lazy. 




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On 21/04/2024 at 11:59, Floatylight said:

Quite fancy a Safrane, liking the look of this one..


Sadly no budget at the mo, so if someone wouldn't mind buying it and bringing it into the fold. 😉

There's still the greyish-green pre-fl V6 on here which I briefly owned and would benefit from some TLC. Low mileage as well plus green interior!

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