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Mondeo injector ball ache


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Our mondeo has been well behaved however of late a raspy sound and a smell in the cabin convinced me the exhaust had a leak. This turned out not to be the case. The 2.0 pug engine has two covers - the rearmost covers the injectors. Some dampness on the outside persuaded me to investigate further.




Oh dear. Only when I pulled the injector did I appreciate how grim it was. I ordered a puller from ebay rather than faff with pliers and pry bars.


Quite a substantial slide hammer - a few blows saw the injector loose. Access - the injectors and fuel rail are effectively in a box - is limited.


Grim. I could not belive the amount of shite that had built up. Very mercedes benz like. And the smell is gopping. Somebody said it was like cooked meat - sorry but if your meat smells like this I hope you have more than one bog.

I made the mistake of spraying carb cleaner on it. All this did was make it soft and even more of a pain to remove. A selection of flat screwdrivers and picks - aided by compressed air and henry the hoover - got rid of the shite and I was happy when I could see dull silver.


The injector was equally shocking and looked like a turd.


A combination of carb cleaner and wire brush in a drill got rid of the baked on crud.

The washer was utterly mullered - eroded on one side.



Indeed there was so much crud paranoia set in - I had a vacuum and compressed air and I found myself cranking the engine every so often just to clear the injector orifice.

Paranoia extended to the hole for the injector clamp screw. I had started to put it back but it was harder going than I would have liked so I stopped and wound it out.

I chased the hole out with an M8 x 1.25 tap.


Lack of access meant a pair of thin nosed pliers were the only thing I had that would fit. The tar that I had removed with carb cleaner had solidified inside the hole. More carb cleaner rags and compressed air got rid of the last. Eventually I put everything back after cutting a new seat.


I had to spend £80 on a new set of leak off pipes. Top tip - DO NOT pull back the green lug you can see - on old pipes it will snap - internet vids will show you how NOT to do it. Just get a small flat screwdriver and lever the nearest part of the green clip from the injector body.

Just as I tried to start the car it cranked once - and stopped. I shat myself - I was worried I had hydro locked the engine with carb cleaner even though I had been careful. It turns out the battery was dead.

A jump from a good battery and the car started almost immediately - my chef's kiss was short lived when the car died and wife unit pointed out diesel was pissing everywhere.

I had been caught out. The metal pipe from fuel rail to injector can be fitted the WRONG way around - they are the same pitch of thread but the fittings have a different taper. Fortunately I soon spotted my balls up and swapped it around.

I have also discovered that diesel is brilliant for making underbonnet plastic shine - every cloud etc.

Car started ok off a slave battery and I took it for a run.

The genuine ford leak off pipes were  not cheap however 4x genuine washers were only £12 - less than ebay prices.

I doff my cap to those of you that do this for a living - it took me 2-3 hours just to shift the tar. It's not a nice job.

Let's see how long it lasts.



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7 minutes ago, sierraman said:

Leaking injectors aren’t that common on those to be fair. Top tip, stuff a bit of rag in the hole before you start digging all the shit round the injector clamps out. 

I did. And the bolt hole for the clamp. Unfortunately they are so close together crud still falls in.

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9 minutes ago, Fraz said:

Well done Bren. 

That doesn’t sounds like it was fun at all 

At times it felt like I was digging for artifacts there was so much gunge. The vectra was a piece of piss by comparison.

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