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Nelson classic car museum


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So i walked past the workshop to see the other bit where the engines were but as i walked past the two chaps that were doing stuff were sat eating a sandwich - behind them i noticed on the wall a newton and ridley sign......................

Why did i then rip my self laughing?

The last pic - id come way the hell from the other side of nelson :D











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So went to omaka after that as literally pass right by it

I got right on top of it then stopped to accurate but the open list on maps said closed - open tomorrow :(

too far to go back now


Map - brilliant think m6 past southwaite and the coast road at penmenmawr and dyfligifgifjifbfrhvdgji :D

LAst 20 miles into kaikoura gave up on the speed limit - fun times even on this pos

**4 seeeeeeasons innnnnn one dayyyyyyy........**



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**Pedant Alert**

The Packard 200 write-up is a bit inaccurate...

That 200 body was not retained by Packard until 1956 - it went out of production in 1954 and was superceded by a new heavily revised body until 1956. 

The Packard 200 was made until 1956 - it's name went in 1952 but afterwards it continued  and was instead named Clipper until 1956 - using the revised body after 1954.

Packard production did not then cease finally until 1958 - although by then they were just badge-engineered Studebaker's.

Packard had ceased being an independent company by  October 1954 when it had merged with Studebaker.

After 1958 the joint company only made Studebakers because Packard sales were so poor.

Great cars. Sad story. Killed off by Cadillac's success and the 1950's price-war between GM, Ford and Chrysler.

But thanks for posting the really great pictures and write-up - it looks a super place to visit.

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Seemed a bit odd that apart from the antique french and the 5 and the traction 

Not much else euro 2 germans two italians ( and posh ones at that)

And only two j tin when there's all kinds of weird stuff here when most is imported



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