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Sunny Jim's C15D: Air Leak Issue

Sunny Jim

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It's the Festive Perineum, that odd period that ain't Christmas though not New Year yet. It's blowing a gale so obviously I should spend the day on the sofa but instead we're travelling half way across the country for some chod.


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10 minutes ago, Sunny Jim said:

To think I could be on the sofa by the log burner...

Down here, in balmy Ceredigion, we are fighting the dogs for sofa/logburner access. Even the collie (JAWS - Just Another Welsh Sheepdog) is point blank refusing to go outside - that's a rarity.
It's full oilskin weather here ....

Car guess - looks like a whippet? Bond Bug, long nose and the button down windows will be flapping like a whippet's ears on your way home?

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46 minutes ago, Sunny Jim said:

Train cancelled so after faffing about we're on another train.


At least this one has a convenient dog-shaped hole for me to lie in.

Sometimes I wish I could hide here on trains.

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Is that one diesel or petrol? It's RHD UK sold or an import? As you will have discovered they are great to drive - toasty heater but fans prone to failure.

Keep the underside well waxed - they do like to rust. Most were manufactured at Vigo Spain no vans were made in France - there is a lot of crimped panels on the sills that loves to corrode.

Loads still in the road in France - plentiful parts.


Values are up - €5000 is not unknown these days - and 'Voiture de Collection' status at 30 yo means loads are going to survive. 

Over a million sold!

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