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Yet another mat777 project collection thread


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I can't help it, they just keep popping up! 

Snoozed alarm count: 5

Toast count: 2

After a month of negotiation and arranging, today's the day I collect what I hope will be a "forever" vehicle that I will be building up to my exacting requirements.

It's hugely rare as a whole, but this particular one has a unique feature that makes it an un-missable buy...


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2 hours ago, Pieman said:

That's not the chassis of that six-wheeled CX that used to have its own webpage is it?!

Large and six wheeled, yes. 

Citroen, no... British made and then British modified 

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1 hour ago, EyesWeldedShut said:

Saracen armoured car?
Nooo - looks all Land Rovery to me .... Defender err err 150?

Close enough that I'll give you that.... It's the only brand new, galvanised, Carmichael Commando frame that anyone who knows about them has ever seen - hence why I was on it like a tramp on chips! 

Plan is (eventually, when the Sea King and Meteor and Caddy are done!) to add an extended Disco 2 shell and a Toyota 1hd-fte engine then IVA it, before keeping it forever more as robust, mechanically simple workhorse 😁

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Now that I'm back home and fed and watered (and whisky'd...)

An addendum....

Tyre cover count: -1

I got to the pickup point today, disembarked and noticed that my protective cover for the trailer spare wheel had disappeared somewhere en route. That's irritating, as they are surprisingly expensive 🙃


Friend count: +1

Knowing I was stopping at Gordano Servs (not Strensham... D'oh! Autoshite: Service Station pedantry matters), I called up my good mate who lives nearby and asked if he fancied catching up briefly. 

He arrived in his new Autoshite purchase, a very tastefully specced 6 Series..... V8...... manual! I'm not the world's greatest BMW fan but I found it very hard to dislike this :cool:



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More fun today, unloading at my barn.

First order of business: repairing the broken forklift. A bodge on bodge had failed leaving me with a steering ram unconnected to the wheels. I fucking hate these things....



Second order of business: unload the chassis in the least sketchy way possible. To quote the kinks... "LOLER, l-o-l-er LOLER..."  

(At least the strops were rated)



Finally, back home to the parents to stow the trailer at my local storage before it got too dark to see. 

You know what the worst bit about a trailer trip on a piss wet through weekend is? Trying to dry out all your stuff afterwards 👎


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