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A long time wish......is now a terrifying reality!!

Tom C

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OOOOF! I had a Mk1 Punto with the 100ELX engine and it was a brilliant car, all the toys and went like stink. I've said this before but the spring under the accelerator is exactly the same as the one from a clicky ballpoint pen. My brother used to berate me that I drove it at 90mph on the motorways, I said that that was where it wanted to be, this continued until one day I made him drive it back from West London to the south coast and after that he did have to concede I was right and thats just how it wanted to be.

The place your foot sits, balanced by the spring pushing the pedal back up in 5th is about 90mph.

It did massively blow it head gasket and got sold, but these days I'd have slung some k-seal in and I bet it would have been fine. Oh the folly of youth.

Anyway, mega jealous!

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I had a 2001 diesel for a while which took all of the abuse and loved it.

Fabulous car that only went in the end because the Mrs passed her test and we needed an auto for her, while I had a company vehicle at the time.

I miss it's Italian enthusiasm. Great buy!

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We had one of the 5 cylinder Marea Weekends as a fleet car at work. Went like shit off a stick, and could be chucked around the bends without concern.

Luckily you have steel wheels on that one? Our Marea had alloys with a steel spare (not a space saver). Have to change the bolts when putting the steel on. Guess what our car was missing when I had a puncture...?

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On 15/11/2023 at 17:22, sdkrc said:

That's an absolute babe, what a purchase! Any chance of some interior shots?

This is the best the owner could manage


On 16/11/2023 at 11:35, fatharris said:

Photo of split tailgate action pls.

What a honey.

Again, best the owner could do. Car is being looked at now so better pics will definitely follow!


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