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AnnoyingPentium's New Motor: *An* Vectra


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48 minutes ago, AnnoyingPentium said:

I quite like 500s in that they're like a go kart, but being long back/short legs means I fit about as well as John Candy in an original Mini.

I drove a MK1 Ka for four years.  I’m 6’2 and have always been North of 16 Stone.  John Candy in a Mini is an excellent way of describing that experience.

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If anyone feels left out, there’s weirdly one the same year and very similar miles about to go auction;


Although if the estimate is anything to go by, @AnnoyingPentiumgot his for an absolute steal in comparison!

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1 hour ago, bezzabsa said:

1.8 16v in Artic spec...LOWWWWWW miles.... and last MOT fail was a very picky tester I think

Correct. 26,500 ish, loads of paperwork including a cambelt in 2021. Two keys, radio code, working well too. Dealer put new brakes on too.

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