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AnnoyingPentium's *an Vectra*: Back oan eh road


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Right, status update.

It lapped up about 450 miles going to the lakes and back, including us all going trips to various places. Although I could begin to feel a sticking brake periodically, again. This got from bad to worse, to the point I stopped somewhere along the A75 to let it cool when it decided to heat up far too much. Limping it home afterwards.

Not to worry, just the driver's side caliper away. That's easily replaceable.

Spoke to head of parts at my mum's work. He phoned round a few places.

Dingbro? Nah pal.

ECP? No, but we can do you the other three fine.

Vauxhall? Back order. You might get one before the year 3000 but I wouldn't bet on it.

So, I took it upon myself to ring TMS. "No chance buddy. We canny get you one."


I'll try eBay using the part number I have. I get results back for Daewoo Nexia calipers. What follows this is a fight over email with the seller of the Nexia calipers who just refuses to sell them because "its not a Nexia m9"...

Square one.

I finally find one that's allegedly meant to fit (256mm discs, 23.5mm thickness). It arrives. Nope, no dice.


Turns out said caliper is a 288mm one, which was used on the later Vectras when they all got larger brakes. They've sent the wrong one, and don't do the one I'm after. Part number once again supplied. Matches the calipers for a Cavalier 2.0 8v.

This gives me more to play with.

I message a lad from Kincardine area, who reckons the one he has will do it. I drove up today, turns out the driver's side one is indeed for a driver's side... on the LHD one. 


Nice run out in the Skoda, mind. Got it nice and warm and less damp inside. More on that in the respective thread... eventually.


This leads me up to now. I have potentially found a caliper that'll fit, but I'm waiting for photos from the seller to see for certain.

At the time of writing, the car has moved once from the Spot of Shame (TM) at the top of the road. It's been there since I came back from the Lakes.


On the plus side, it's a lot cheaper to run this way.

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1 hour ago, 24vdiamond said:

The calipers dont seem that special or difficult to find, this was the 1st one that came up??


That's the one I e-mailed about. I think I'll just pull the trigger and sort out the aftermath should it not fit. Just want the car back on the road again.

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  • AnnoyingPentium changed the title to AnnoyingPentium's *an Vectra*: Back oan eh road
2 minutes ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

i believe the larger discs came with the 5 stud equiped cars i.e 2.0 & 2.5 and not just later cars

That's indeed correct, I was consulting the brochure earlier for that very reason. :)

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31 minutes ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

my 2.0 GLSi was 5 stud

the wierdness that is vauxhall of the '90s was if you had an 2.0 LS you got the same gls wheel trims on your 5 stud wheels :common007:

The V6 Arctic uses, on the surface, the same wheels as the 1.8 version, but under those centre covers is 5 studs instead of 4. 🤔

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1 hour ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

the door mirrors are a minefield as well

chrome grille facelift mirrors are larger

pre-facelift can be plain glass or blind spot


Aye, they're also noted as "enquire at parts desk" in Halfords. :lol:

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7 hours ago, big_al_granvia said:

Can you not get a set of stainless pistons and new seals. Not a big job to scrub bores,hone and rebuild

Aye repair kits are available for these, but I was really wanting it back on the road as soon as. 

I've got the old caliper sitting somewhere, so I'll have a go at rebuilding it at some point. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay so, this had been due a service for quite some time. So, once the weather was a bit less shit, I had another go with this.

Trust me, it was needed.



Furthermore, it's a lot easier to replace the oil filter by removing the O/S/F wheel instead of fucking about with under trays and suchlike.

Oil removed, filters changed. Oil refilled.


Ah you bastard.

Then I realised it was just down to me spilling a bit on the rocker cover. All is good. It's not leaking now.


In other news, mileage milestone (almost) achieved through the week.


And now it's on a wee bit more.

It's had a good effect, the service and the brake caliper replacement now.


That's with the air conditioning on as well. That's not bad at all for a big motor.

Finally, I've had a wee go of editing photos, because I can.



I'm putting a lot of mileage on it at the moment. So it's going to get some rest for a bit, as I've got *an suspension noise*, and I'll go back to running the Fabia.

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21 minutes ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

an suspension noise could be the bottom 1/2 turn or front coil- i had to do both on mine for one mot

Quite possibly! Been thinking shock absorbers too, since they're the 1998 originals.

I'm currently waiting on an alternator for it before I can crack on with repairing the rest of it. :)

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