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Eastern Bloc Cars in Budapest


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I meant to post this before but forgot.

As those who have been will attest to, there is plenty of stuff to do in Budapest.  But if you get bored there is a hidden gem of a museum of artefacts from the 70s/80s State Socialist (communist) area including a lot of vehicles and automotive memrobilia


its  not in Budepest itself but about 30-40 mins on a train to a very picturesque riverside town called Szentendre

The added bonus is that the train that takes you there is also a reminder of the bygone era 



Some pictures of the cars and other items on display








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On 9/18/2023 at 2:47 PM, stuboy said:

as a fiat 128 lover that zatavas are deliciously divine

I think I posted this before so you may have seen already but if you are a Fiat 128 lover , enjoy some action from my Dad's 1975 128 Panorama filmed in around 1986 and best enjoyed with sound so you can hear the rasp of the exhaust which is held in together with gun gum and string

We had just driven it from Hull to North Yorkshire on our holiday


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