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USA Road Trip.


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Bit of bouncing around on timelines here due to lack of internet etc.
Remember how hot it was when I came on Thursday, by Sunday the weather had at last broken the heat wave, with rain dropping the outside temperature by 30’F
Much more bearable.
Dennis likes stainless steel fasteners, and sometimes two trips as day to different hardware shops happens as progress comes.
So, working on the Chevelle meant we went out twice……
But despite the current spaghetti of wires, pipes etc, we started it up. 
And a video of last Sunday.
Off to St Louis today to watch a baseball game 
Not sure how I feel about that. 


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Forgot to order the surround when we got back, so may do it at Clems.

350 miles tomorrow morning, up at 4.30 and on the road by 05.00 to Fayetteville.

May do some detours, and if anyone along the way wants to make me a coffee…… 

Let me know. 

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2 hours ago, Barry Cade said:

If you find any new old stock CPI fuel injection parts for Astros, buy the lot and bring em back with you. They are unobtanium anywhere....


Would that mean I would be able to make a shit ton of money?  😉

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Road Trip stuff…..

Sunday was Baseball day for the whole extended family.
Never been to a game.
But before that, I got to chat to Andy, a racing friend of Adam.
He is busy training his 8 year old son in a scientific way to drive sprint cars.
This sort of dedication and drive always amazes me over here.
Everything he does is for Ryder’s racing career.
Neat truck too…… video to follow. 
Video loaded fast.
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Another bit of typical American style.


Home built.


And registered as a pistol.


Also licensed for personal carrying in public.


Unless you are part of it, you,will never understand.


 I tend to accept it as part of a country of extremes.


Miles of anti-abortion billboards, repent and live, and many other themes…..


Then open and concealed carry laws.


Still love this place.








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Just back from the same sort of road trip with da fam.  Shooting guns and rifles; riding around in the back of a pick-up; Bluegrass concert in a replica Western town; eating at Waffle Houses; Cracker Barrels; Chick Fil-As; Raising Canes etc.  Also golf at Pinehurst and did the Washington DC sights and colonial Virginia.   My hire car Camry* (*or similar) turned to be a cool grey Jeep Wrangler!   Have some images of a car show in Williamsburg and some other US car stuff:

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-04 at 17.49.09.jpg
































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That has gone really fast. Sorry to hear about the job though, and to do it whilst you are away on holiday absolutely stinks.

Looking  from the outside, you have to be better off in the long term away from that environment. The way you have been treated for the past few years is appalling, and I’m sure your skill set and personality will soon find another job. You’ll then quickly look back and wish you made the change ages ago. Onwards and upwards.

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And at last….. Loaded.
A collage video I have put together of Tom’s work in Kansas where Dennis and I visited for Dinner.
Hope you enjoy.
He is a migrant worker in the USA and we have no real clue as to how hard or long his days are, but I admire his resilience.
Romanticised here.
During harvest season this is his typical two week period, NOTE: 13 days in this case.
Hardcore work.


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